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Best sites to buy YouTube views in 2023

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Are you a YouTuber or do you have a YouTube channel and want to increase your view count easily, quickly, and safely? At Softeando, we want to advise you and, for this reason, we want to tell you what are the best platforms to buy YouTube views.


Why grow in YouTube views by buying them?

Buying YouTube views may seem insecure, but it can bring us many advantages compared to other YouTubers.

  • More reputation and credibility for your channel: YouTube users are often more inclined to trust and follow a channel that has a high number of views.
  • Your YouTube channel will be more attractive and influential: for example, it is easier for a brand in your niche to notice your channel's videos if you have an average of 5,000 views compared to just 10.
  • Avoid being penalized by buying from trusted websites: if YouTube detects, for example, 100,000 new views overnight, it is very likely that you will be penalized. Opt for platforms that help your channel grow progressively in terms of views.
  • More opportunities for new collaborations: as your channel grows in views, you can also attract the attention of other brands and content creators who may be interested in collaborating with you, leading to even greater growth.
  • Personal satisfaction: seeing that your content is viewed and appreciated by many can be a great source of satisfaction and motivation to keep creating and improving.

Top apps where to buy YouTube views

These are's favorite websites:

1. Amedia Social

Buy Youtube Views Amedia Social EN

Amedia Social has earned the top position as the site to buy real YouTube views, as it offers quality views for your channel, starting to fill your selected video in less than 24 hours, with verified customer reviews. Plus, you'll grow at an average rate of 20,000 views per day, with discounts of 10 to 20% depending on the promotion. You can acquire geolocated YouTube views and distribute them across one or several videos. Lastly, they offer a special YouTuber Pack with the requirements to monetize on YouTube.

2. SumoLikes

SumoLikes - Preferred Place to Buy Cheap YouTube Views

SumoLikes has achieved second place as the preferred place to buy cheap YouTube views, thanks to its offer of high-quality subs for your channel. It's a similar option to Amedia Social, as your profile starts being filled in less than 24 hours, with authenticated client testimonials. Also, you can grow daily at an average rate of 15,000 views, enjoying discounts of 10 to 20%. It is possible to buy geolocated views and spread them across multiple videos. SumoLikes also features a YouTuber Pack with everything needed for monetization.

3. Social Boost

Social Boost is in third place, offering a great option for buying YouTube views. Like the previous two, it provides quality views for your channel, filling your profile in less than 24 hours. Customers can enjoy daily growth of about 10,000 views, with discounts ranging from 10 to 20%. Social Boost allows the purchase of geolocated views and the option to distribute them across various videos. Additionally, they offer a unique YouTuber Pack tailored for monetization purposes.

Remember that buying YouTube views should be done responsibly and strategically, always aiming for the growth of your channel in a healthy and sustainable way.

What is the process of buying YouTube views?

The process is simple:

  1. Visit one of the websites we've mentioned earlier: Amedia Social, SumoLikes, or Popularitybox.
  2. Enter the URL of the YouTube video or videos (they must be publicly visible).
  3. Choose the number of views you need on the product page: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000, etc.
  4. Select the country of origin for the views: you can geolocate them.
  5. Optional: you can add likes to your videos and distribute them across one or several videos.
  6. Optional: you can add subscribers to your YouTube channel. Choose from 100, 200, 500, or 1000 subs.
  7. Enter your details and select a payment method.
  8. With patience, you will see that in the next few hours your channel will organically grow in views day by day.

Which is the safest store to buy YouTube views?

All three options we have presented are safe, as we at test all the tools. Whenever you buy on a website, make sure it has reviews that validate the purchase process, has an "https" web certificate, a standard payment process, etc. We could even say that there are reviews on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok about buying from these stores.

Is it safe to buy YouTube views?

YouTube, in its terms and conditions, does not allow the purchase of views. As we mentioned at the beginning, you should buy wisely and calmly. If your YouTube channel suddenly increases by 100,000 new views and you haven't uploaded any video, it could raise alarms and you might be penalized. It's better to buy YouTube views from websites that offer progressive growth.

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