guía moderadores twitch

Guide for Twitch Moderators

A Twitch moderator is a user responsible for maintaining a safe and positive environment on the platform's channels. Their main function is to monitor the chat, taking appropriate action against inappropriate behavior and working in collaboration with streamers to ensure compliance with rules and guidelines.


Twitch Moderator View

This is a customizable space where moderators find all the tools they need to work effectively on the channels they moderate. Each task has an independent and customizable widget that allows moderators to act without neglecting the chat.

Widgets for Moderating Twitch

Here are the independent and customizable widgets for moderators:

  • Shortcuts: these are direct accesses to temporarily or permanently exclude users and to delete a message.
  • User List: this is the list of users in the chat. If it scrolls too fast, you can use the search to investigate any user you want.
  • Moderation Actions: this is a space that shows all the moderation actions carried out on the channel by admin users or bots.
  • AutoMod Queue: these are messages held for review, approval, or rejection by moderators.
  • Channel Actions: allow editing chat settings, such as "Emotes Only", "Followers Only", "Slow Mode", or checking or adding blocked words.
  • Session: shows the duration of the current stream. It also counts the number of views.
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