How to know who visits your Instagram profile

If you're wondering how to know who visits your Instagram profile, you should know that there is no 100% accurate way to find out. All the apps that claim to reveal this information are fake, and all you can get from them are viruses, advertising, or data loss.

The app has not yet incorporated any option to find out who has visited your Instagram profile: even so, there are some tricks to roughly know who sees your photos:

  • Likes: it seems obvious, but this is a clear way to know who has been looking at your photos. This serves as an indicator to know who is interested in your profile and has visited it.
  • Content Saving: Instagram activated the option to save any user's posts so you can see them again whenever you want. So if someone decides to save yours, it will indicate the number of users but not their identity. This function is a way to know if the type of content you make is pleasing to users.
  • Stories: these 24-hour posts can also give you clues about who visits your Instagram profile, as when someone views them, the full user name appears. So try to post more than one IG story and check how many profiles have viewed them to the end.

How can you check the list of who views your stories and their profile?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Press your profile icon if you have posted a story or go to a highlighted story.
  2. Swipe up or click on the icons at the bottom left.
  3. Press the eye-shaped icon: here you will see a list with the number and the name of the users who have viewed this 24-hour post and also their username.
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