cómo calcular engagement Instagram

How to calculate Instagram Engagement Rate

Engagement is a measurable and highly important indicator on social media. By understanding the engagement of each post and of the profile in general, we can measure results more accurately. Broadly speaking, it marks the level of interaction a profile has with its followers. Therefore, the higher it is, the better.


How to calculate it?

Engagement can be calculated using your Instagram likes, comments, and followers. These three numbers are easy to check at a glance, and the formula is really simple.

Engagement: (likes + comments / followers) x 100

With this formula, we can find the engagement or level of interaction of any post. Another important point is that it's expressed as a percentage.

Practical example:

Let's assume we have a post with 57 likes and 2 comments. We also know that the total number of followers of our account is 2,077. We will measure the interaction percentage of the publication in the following way:

Engagement = (57 + 2 / 2,077) x 100

Therefore, the publication will have an engagement of 2.8%.

Normally, it should be between 3 and 5 percent: although if it's higher, that's even better.

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